Michael D. Giles, LMT

"Move with Ease"

About the Practitioner

Michael D. Giles, LMT


Graduated Oregon School of Massage, Salem, June 2012

Licensed Massage Therapist #19323, September 2012


Massage applied with curiosity, clear intent, and keen knowledge of how the body works can lighten lives, ease restricted and painful movement, and educate clients for more aware and fulfilling lives.


Native to the Willamette Valley, I grew up in Harrisburg and participated in sports as a kid.

I studied microbiology, English, and Education at OSU (1994-2000) and taught at the middle and high school levels for 4 years (2001-2005).

After teaching, I worked as an HR professional for 7 years (2005-2012) and learned a lot about communication and business.

I received regular massage for years and wondered if I could help others receive the benefits of massage.  While trying to find my way around Salem one day (lost), I found myself in front of Oregon School of Massage. Soon I was enrolled in school. (2010-2012).  I was licensed in 2012.

In 2014, I became an instructor of Kinesiology at Oregon School of Massage in Salem. I have also taught Clinical Massage and Massage Theory.

I live in Philomath with my wife and two dogs. We have two adult children. I enjoy reading, yoga, canoeing, ballroom dance, and my daily practice and study of SGI Buddhism.

Massage Style:

I work with curiosity and patience.  While I tend toward myofascial work, I also employ many Western non-Swedish and a few Eastern modalities. My style is fairly direct, addressing the areas of concern head-on, but I also keep my mind flexible enough to observe how the area of concern may be related to another part of the body, or to another concern.

There are often patterns of pain and use/misuse in the body, and I offer clients advice about how to improve these on their own, as well as through massage or other health care approaches.

In the European Renaissance the ideal trait for a courtier was "sprezzatura," the ability to do many things with ease, a sense of "studied effortlessness."  I try to embody sprezzatura in my work, and my goal is for my clients to experience the same in their lives.







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